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MEF TV @ MEF Americas 2011

Please click on the images below to watch interviews with key speakers from MEF Americas 2011 conducted by Ben Smith of 361 Degrees.    

Interview with Marco Argenti, Nokia, SVP, Developer and Marketplace, 

Marco Argenti, SVP Developer Experience & Marketplace at Nokia speaks at MEF Americas 2011 discussing how Nokia Store supports local developers in monetizing their apps.

Marco Argenti, SVP Developer Experience & Marketplace at Nokia speaks at MEF Americas 2011 to discuss how developers can benefit from ecosystems that span mass-market scale to premium high-end devices.

Marco Argenti, SVP Developer Experience & Marketplace at Nokia speaks at MEF Americas 2011 to discuss the benefits to developers that the Windows Phone Metro UI offers through 'live tiles'.

Marco Argenti, SVP Developer Experience & Marketplace at Nokia speaks at MEF Americas 2011 to discuss his aim of supporting developers in moving from 'building apps' to 'being in the business of apps' .

Interview with Andrew Bud, MEF Chairman, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer - mBlox

MEF Global Chair, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, mBlox, Andrew Bud discusses :

  • The key themes of MEF Americas 2011 keynotes: localisation, SMS, 'the unbanked' and mobile commerce.
  • How trust, privacy and respect are common global themes irrespective of the maturity of an individual market.
  • How MEF can be effective in representing all the participants of the 'mobile channel' and can knowledge-share between regions.
  • The challenges and opportunities of mobile payments and associated issues of privacy and security.

Interview with Jeff Sawyer, Turner Broadcasting Systems, VP Mobile & Connected Device Solutions, 

Jeff Sawyer at MEF Americas 2011 discusses the panel, challenges of distributing content 'multi-screen' and Turner's strategy. He describes:

  • The relationship between the television and mobile device and how they can be complained and made complimentary - citing sports examples and Turner's "Big Bang Theory" app.
  • How mobile devices change consumers preferences for consuming entertainment.
  • The need to innovate and take a lead in order to maintain a market-leading position. As technology is evolving Turner needs to place 'multiple bets'.
  • How consumers' desire to have deeper experiences of TV content is moving Turner and other program-makers closer to viewers where their traditional customers have been advertisers and media distributors.

Interview with Gary Schwartz, Impact Mobile Inc. President & CEO

MEF North America Chairman, President &CEO, Impact Mobile Inc and author of "The Impulse Economy" Gary Schwartz discusses:

  • Payment channels from SMS to NFC and mobile wallets.
  • The way mobile engagement is changing with the introduction of tablet and '2 screen' viewing.
  • The challenges of addressing the 'unbanked' community and the mis-conception that this is exclusively a developing market issue.
  • The reason SMS and mobile web are the current dominant channels for retailers.

Interview with Tom Daly, The Coca-Cola Company, Director, Mobile and Search, Global Connections

Tom Daly speaks at MEF Americas 2011, discussing the breadth of Coca-Cola's commitment and innovation around the use of mobile:

  • The way content drives commerce and gives examples of how Coca-Cola uses augmented reality and audio recognition to make a television commercial interactive.
  • How mobile technology can remove the 'friction of cash' in purchasing a coke.
  • How SMS is the core Coca-Cola's mobile marketing plans - both for marketing and to 'link experiences'. He says "there's nothing boring about text".
  • Future innovations, including the use of QR codes on product packaging.

Interview with John Orlando, Sixth Sense Media, EVP of Worldwide Marketing and Business Development

John Orlando of Sixth Sense Media discusses:

  • Using location-aware SMS for engaging consumers.
  • The complexities of choosing how to address consumers via mobile and the benefits of SMS as a universal channel.
  • How "application to person" use of SMS will eclipse "person to person" messaging.
  • How brands can access the benefits of SMS messaging and how this is improving with the availability of location context.

Interview with Rimma Perelmuter, MEF, Executive Director

MEF Executive Director Rimma Perelmuter discusses :

  • MEF's 2011 Global Consumer Survey and how it is driving both MEF members decision making and MEF policy.
  • The strong security and privacy focus by consumers globally.
  • The value in MEF's original research for its membership.
  • The development of MEF's global commerce matrix and its work with industry regulators globally

Interview with Steven White, ImageVision, President & CEO

Steven White of Image Vision discusses:

  • How businesses and brands can protect themselves from illicit or illegal images / text when operating with user-generated content.
  • How tools can drive economies in the moderation process and how effective moderation gives parents confidence to purchase devices / services for their children.
  • How parents expect mobile network operators to offer protective measures, but are willing to pay for the service. Also, how regulators are beginning to act in this area.

Interview with Todd Daubert, SNR Denton, Partner, Communications Media & Technology Practice

Todd Daubert of SNR Denton describes:

  • The challenges around explaining data use and the risk of privacy breaches to consumers.
  • How firms can 'do the right thing' with regard to consumer privacy.
  • How the whole industry needs to co-operate to address privacy issues and user education.
  • The inadequacy of complex legal agreements as the only way privacy behaviours are agreed with users.

Interview with Johann Huber Guiterrez, Macy's & Bloomingdale's, Strategy & Product Development

Johann Huber Guiterrez speaks at MEF Americas 2011, discussing:

  • How mobile can drive retail sales and where innovation is taking place in Japan, Korea and China.
  • Adding value to traditional retail mechanisms (like catalogues) by adding mobile services like QR codes for product information, reviews, comparison and ordering.
  • How retailers can benefit from using SMS and imaging - things consumers are already familiar with and use regularly. Also, how MMS is maturing into this space.

Interview with Neil Stiles, Variety Group, President

Neil Stiles speaks at MEF Americas 2011, discussing the challenges of distributing content 'multi-screen' and Variety Group's strategy. He describes:

  • The changing relationship between the mobile and television screen depending on the consumer's context.
  • How Variety Group is addressing the changing ways their customers want to consume their content.
  • The fallacy that delivering content to an iPhone allows a business to charge more for it.
  • The pre-occupation with the technology used to deliver content. He urges "content is the thing... hold on to your IP"

Interview with Joe Lalley, MTV Networks, VP, Digital Products

Joe Lalley speaks at MEF Americas 2011 discussing the panel, MTV's strategy and:

  • Which is the 'first' and the 'second' screen and how to move consumers between them.
  • How user engagement is increased if they are able to affect the outcome of a show.
  • How to scale mobile up to the desktop environment and how they are complimentary.
  • The need for standards to make content producers' lives easier.
  • Seeing mobile as a use-case not a platform.

Interview with Steve Schwinke, OnStar, Director of Advanced Technology

Steve Schwinke speaks at MEF Americas 2011. He describes OnStar's plans to launch an application ecosystem including:

  • How OnStar will work with smartphones by allowing apps to work either on mobile devices or on in-vehicle systems.
  • On choosing technologies to build a new app ecosystem on and why OnStar chose HTML5.
  • Why developers will find the OnStar platform attractive and how they can address a market beyond GM vehicles.

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