MEF TV @ MEF Americas 2011 Video Marketing Blaster and Interview

Interview with Jeff Sawyer, Turner Broadcasting Systems, VP Mobile & Connected Device Solutions,

Jeff Sawyer at MEF Americas 2011 discusses the panel, challenges of distributing content ‘multi-screen’ and Turner’s strategy. He describes:

  • The relationship between the television and mobile device and how they can be complained and made complimentary – citing sports examples and Turner’s “Big Bang Theory” app.
  • How mobile devices change consumers preferences for consuming entertainment.
  • The need to innovate and take a lead in order to maintain a market-leading position. As technology is evolving Turner needs to place ‘multiple bets’.
  • How consumers’ desire to have deeper experiences of TV content is moving Turner and other program-makers closer to viewers where their traditional customers have been advertisers and media distributors.


Another major highlight was the secret reveal of a tool used by the team to get in front of the steadily increasing mobile audience.

(Below is a written summary of Richard’s presentation notes)


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