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2012 Agenda

Please find below the agenda for MEF Americas 2012 (further session details and speakers to be announced shortly)

Pre-Conference: Monday, December 3rd

17.00-19.00    MEF LatAm AGM & Board Elections 

19.00-21.00    MEF Americas 2012 Welcome Reception

Day 1: Tuesday, December 4th

  8.00-9.30     MEF NA AGM & Board Elections

8.30-10.00     Registration & Networking Breakfast

The Changing Mobile Landscape

 10.00-10.15   Welcome by MEF Global, North and Latin America Chapter 
                    Andrew Bud, Chairman, MEF and new incoming Chairs for MEF
                    LatAm and North America

10.20-11.20   Keynote:  The Big Data Phenomenon: Changing the m-Commerce
Richard Crone, CEO & Founder, Crone Consulting
                    Heidi A. Liebenguth, Consulting Partner and Research Director,
                    Crone Consulting 

11.25-11.55   Keynote: Mobile Gives You Wings: From Brand to Media, Big
                    Screen to Small
Bernhard  Hafenscher, Head of Digital Sales & Business Development,
                    Red Bull Media House

12.00-13.00   Pushing the Boundaries in Consumer Engagement
This session will provide insights from  key players in the mobile and brand 
                    ecosystem, who will present case studies to show examples of how they
                    are using mobile as a key engagement channel to drive ROI and

13.00-14.30   Networking Lunch

Innovation 360

14.40-15.10   Keynote: The Future is Now
Richard Kramer, Founder & CEO, Arete Research

15.15-15.45   InsightThe Carrier in the Digital World: Riding the New Revenue
                    Mike Cooley, VP New Ventures, Sprint

15.50-16.35   Panel Discussion: Big Data: Disrupter or Enabler?
If big data is so critical to driving revenue and market positioning over
                    the next few years in so many verticals, how do incumbent and new
                    companies leverage big data to grow their businesses? This discussion
                    will expore how to use big data to best accelerate your business and
                    avoid disruption.

16.40-17.00   Insight: Innovation pond - Where will the next solutions come 
                    Alex Vieux, Founder & CEO, Red Herring

17.00-18.00   Battle of the Start-Ups: North & Latin America pitch for
                    MEF Americas Innovation Award 2012
                     n association with Red Herring

18.30-20.30   Networking Cocktail Reception                                      Sponsored by:

Day 2: Wednesday, December 5th

8.30-10.00    Networking Breakfast

Spotlight on Growth Markets

10.00-10.10   Intro by MEF
Rimma Perelmueter, Executive Director, MEF

10.10-10.25   Insight: Global Consumer Usage Trends: Key Finding from MEF's
                    Global Consumer Survey 2012
                    Sanjaya Krishna,  Board Director, MEF North America / Advisory Principal
                    & US Digital Services Leader, KPMG 

10.30-10.50   Insight: Eastward Bound
 Speaker TBA  

10.55-11.40   Discussion: New opportunities in mobile payments across
                    Growth Markets

11.45-12.30   Discussion: What's next for LatAm? Mobile Content Predictions
                    for 2013
As we come to the close of the year, what content types, technology and
                    platforms will lead the way in 2013? Will games still be as popular?
                    Will Java downloads still make money? Will HTML5 content become

12.30-14.00   Networking Lunch

So....What Comes Next?

14.10-14.30  Keynote: How Mozilla is Taking business out of the App Store
Rick Fant, VP Apps & Marketplace, Mozilla

14.30-15.15  Discussion: The Browser as the Super App
As the app economy matures, OEMs are focusing their attention on
                   super-APPs like maps, passbook and the browser. Are brands being 
                   filed and forgotten on the phonetop? Can a more mature browser be
                   a better bet for brands that need functionality and more access
                   to the consumer’s attention.

Consumer Trust Session:

15.20-15.30   Overview: Consumer Trust: Ignore it at Your Peril

15.30-15.50   Fireside Chat: Inside the Beltway
                    Find out what legislation is coming down the line that will impact the   
                    industry. Why should we care? What’s the case for regulation?
                    What’s the burden on industry?
                    Interviewer: Todd Daubert, Partner, SNR Denton
                    Interviewee:Manas Mohapatra, Director of Mobile Policy, 
                    Mobile Technology Unit, FTC

15.50-16.30   Panel Discussion: Walk the Line: The balance between
                    protecting your customers and monetizing their data

                    On the one hand companies want to be good corporate citizens - 
                    protect their customers and respect their privacy. On the other hand,
                    the basis of the digital economy is increasingly dependant on monetising
                    customer data. This panel discussion will focus on how to find the right 

16.35-17.15   Endnote: Rio 2016
Harald Batista will give insights on the extraordinary story of how Rio won the
                    2016 Olympics and how the Batista family helped in that effort, the economic
                    growth of Brazil over the next decade and the importance of partnerships
                    between regions in a global economy.

17.20-17.30   Closing Remarks
Andrew Bud, Chairman, MEF

17.30-18.30   Happy Hour


*Topics and sessions are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers

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